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Unified rules to manage all your global website

You may have your website reproduced to local markets simultaneously and without scratch on your global brand identity.


Launch your brand new product globally at once

You do not need to inform your local branch too early. We keep your embargo till the last seconds but your websites are everywhere properly prepared for launch time.


Dedicated content according to local needs

We understand that some of your subsidiaries do not have all versions and models in offer or they need to keep some of them longer because of overloaded stocks of one product. They are able to keep offer on their website slightly different than the others.


Extremely simple content management

Your brand managers do not need to have knowledge on programing or text formating. CMS cares about fonts, sizes, colours and keeping everything according to your global standards.


Simplified translation process

Regional managers are able to decide how you are dealing with translation processes. Websites are simple to edit and they can do that on their own or just export content into excel files and use local translation agencies.


Look how easy it is to edit content

We understand that your subsidiaries might offer different kind of products or they need to keep some of them longer because of overloaded stocks. They are able to keep offers on their website slightly different than the oders.


Centralized media library

You simply click on image and browse our library for new one. You are able to look for media with simple catalogues so you are able to find picture that meets your content needs.


Always up to date

Our dedicated team will care about your media asset. Local managers will not have to care about that anymore. Everything is uploaded by us and ready to use in all instances.


Images cropped and RWD ready

Images you can find on our HUB are always mobile friendly. You simply choose one and do not care about cropping them right any more.


It simply works

We have a few years of experience in helping big brands to propagate their marketing ideas worldwide. We have gathered know-how that pushed us to build CMS that really meets international brands needs.


It is purely cost effective

Launching websites globally you need to think about few factors. Cost is one of them but in big projects you need to care about something more. Our idea is to save your, your local managers, local agencies time and provide simplified solution for your brand.


Modern, responsive designed websites

Forget about maintaining separate site for mobile devices. You get one content, one site and one experience on any screen form tiniest smartphone up to huge HD monitor.


Always optimized

Web standards, trends and possibilities changes every day. When it comes to being up to date, we got You covered. New SEO techniques, performance improvements or design trends? We will keep all your branches in line with them.


Ruby on Rails

Thousands companies uses Ruby on Rails to power up its business and products. Its robustness mixed with flexibility help Twitter™ in reaching the top. We used it to make our unique content management model reality and push simplicity to the limit.

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Case study

Our biggest achievement have been implementing our CMS for Land Rover importers in Poland, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Slovenia, Malta and supporting 20 more markets. We are working also for more than 40 dealerships.

Business challenge

  • Fast implementation of RWD websites for many markets
  • Different product range on each market
  • Translation done internally or by local agencies
  • Fast updates on all markets when new models are launched
  • International support and management of websites in many languages
  • Centralized, cost effective infrastructure

How we helped

  • We have implemented Raffine CMS to launch brand new Land Rover websites on new markets 80% faster.
  • Our CMS let markets to be focused more on translation process of relevant content than managing website development processes.
  • We have dedicated team that is able to proactively provide new updates, subpages and standards improvements without bothering local managers. Team is responsible for knowing recent standards and is keen to help implementing requested changes.

Please have a look what our clients say about us


Ilknur Oksoy

Digital Communication Unit Manager

Raffine helped us to build our dealer websites in an incredible short time period. The functionality of their CMS system, the easy handling and their co-operation in every aspect showed us their commitment to perfection. Every request was handled with high priority, every question was answered with professional approach. Looking forward for the next project with them.


Sofia Mitraki

Jaguar Land Rover Marketing Supervisor

Working with Raffine is like having a constant partner with you along the way. Efficiency and effectiveness is their nickname! And the best part is that they always deliver high quality work right on time. Proactive, they know the market's and the brands' next step before we do, and are ready to act on it. Efficient, you can rely on them to have the job done in the promised time. Out partnership goes back for 5 years, and there is not a single time that they let us down.


Karolina Sobkowiak

Jaguar Brand Manager, JLR Poland

The biggest difference with Raffine is that they not only built websites for us and our 8 dealers. They have provided proactive support, which is crucial for us.Raffine stays up to date with our global standards and are able to implement solutions without asking for every single detail.


Sylwia Skorupińska

Marketing Manager, Karlik Dealer Group

Raffine is our professional partner, work with them is as effective journey! They have very good reaction time for our request even in challenging and urgent orders.Raffine is also helpfull and realiable in marketing online and webdesign activities.


Paweł Kuskowski

Land Rover Brand Manager, JLR Poland

Raffine has completely transformed the way we propagate our digital activites to our dealers. It's a complex solution, that enables to handle our importer and & dealer websites at the same time.


Jolanta Ciszewska

Sales Showroom Manager, JLR Łódź

Working with Raffine I appreciate mostly their professional attitude and keeping up with deadlines. They provide highest quality of service with full engagement to projects. They are always keen to help. What is more they have great response times and are very flexible.Taking all that facts into consideration I can full recommend cooperation with Raffine.

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